When seconds count, help is minutes away. Training is a game changer.

ALL concealed carry classes have a mandatory prerequisite. Please read carefully, as no exceptions will be entertained.



Joe was very thorough and a great teacher.


I learned valuable skills and corrected some bad habit. Also was very fun and informative.


Great class, really improved my shooting accuracy and good points to continue to train on.


My wife and I appreciate the time and patience Joe had with the class. He is very thorough.


Excellent training, from the humble, honest, down to earth Joe Chandler! We really enjoyed our class even though it was freezing and snowing on us on Saturday! I highly recommend this training to anyone who has interest in handguns, whether you are a novice or beginner! Thanks again Joe, we look forward to the next time!


Joe was a very good trainer/teacher. Lots of great information. Thank you very much


Awesome course! I really appreciated the honesty and humility of the teacher! Not at all cockey or arrogant. Took time with you and made you feel like you were important. Excellent skill at creating a learning environment. Highly recommend!


Great information. Terrific training. Learned a lot at this training.


Wanting to know more about handing a firearm safer and having this opportunity to attend this class was want I was looking for. I have a lot more confidence now after the class. I had a little doubt going into the class about safely carrying a concealed weapon. Joseph gave us very detailed instructions about safety handling and shooting a firearm, what to look for in different situations, and things to do, and not to do. I highly recommend anyone and everyone that is considering to carry a firearm to take this class. Joseph was very knowledgeable with all information given to us. He was a relaxing and understanding instructor. Very patience with anyone and anything that came up. It was a very interesting class.

I still have a lot to learn, but feel much more comfortable about carrying now. Will be taking more classes when they come up.

Thank you Joseph



The class was well worth it. I had just purchased a pistol for self defense and knew nothing about guns except that I was truly terrified of them. Joe made me feel comfortable handling and firing my new gun. I wasn’t sure that I could complete the shooting part of the class. I could not sleep or eat before his class. Now I feel confident that I can enjoy my new pistol and protect myself or my family if needed. Now it will be practice practice practice. I can’t wait to hit the targets again!!!!
Thanks Joe for your patience. You are a good and thoughtful instructor. Glad I chose your class. Look forward to other classes. Marya Jones


Instructor was thorough and patient. I got the coaching and direction that I had hoped for.

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